'Community' Season 3, Episode 21 Recap - 'The First Chang Dynasty'

'Community' Season 3, Episode 21 Recap - 'The First Chang Dynasty' Totally called this one: the gang has to rescue the Dean from Chang's iron grip, and I said last week that it would be a great opportunity for a genre homage episode. Sure enough, here we are, with the gang "Ocean's Eleven"-ing Chang. As Jeff puts it: "Elaborate heist? Elaborate heist."

It all falls into place roughly the same way that "Ocean's Eleven" does: we see the planning phases explaining the action, as the Greendale 7 carefully infiltrates the school during Chang's "25th birthday" Changstravaganza. That involves Shirley dressing up as the chef, Annie posing as a teenage boy, Troy and Abed coming in as a couple of fast-talking plumbers, and Jeff and Britta posing as rock and roll magician Ricky Nightshade and his very goth assistant. Britta also seduces a teenager via Facebook. Creepy.

Everything goes according to plan, even the part where the plan falls apart on purpose (thanks to Pierce) in order to trick Chang into thinking that the plan is falling apart when in fact it's all according to plan! OCEAN'S 11!

Things do eventually go wrong, though, and Troy has to make a decision: he signs himself over to the A/C school, in exchange for them helping them out of the basement. They successfully break the Dean out and expose Chang to the school board, but at what cost? Now Troy will have to live in A/C school housing, and won't be allowed to be with his friends anymore.

That leads to a typical movie goodbye scene, as Troy goes to each member of the group.

To Shirley: "Never change. Or change if you want to, I'm not your boss."

From Pierce: "Never use a rubber."

From Jeff: "Never listen to Pierce."

From Britta: "This is a lock of my hair." "Creepy."

And, adorable as ever, Troy whispers something to Abed and the two share one last awesome secret high five. "What did he say to you?" they ask. "He said I know you hate it when people do this in movies. Sorry for getting so emotional," replies Abed.

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Notes & Quotes:

- Deanleganger/DoppelDeaner/DeanleChanger

- "Love is not admissible evidence" and the whole exchange following. "Wait. Copera!"

- "They're like telephones for your eyes."

- "Wherever there is air, we have eyes."

- "Yard margs at Skeepers!"

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