'Community' Season 4 Premiere Gets Delayed. Again.

'Community' Season 4 Premiere Gets Delayed. Again. Bad news, Human Beings: "Community" will not be coming back next Friday. But don't take to the streets and protest outside of NBC headquarters just yet. The show isn't cancelled. It's just delayed.

It would appear that NBC has planned their fall season poorly (surprise surprise), as they're finding that the late premieres for "Community" and "Whitney" might not get the proper marketing push that they need. Since the shows are premiering on a Friday (where TV shows go to die), putting them out without good publicity could mean the end of them.

On the one hand, it's disheartening to see NBC once again messing with "Community," its most creative and original comedy. On the other hand, it's good to see that they're not just entirely giving up on the show by throwing it out there with a late premiere on a day where no one will see it.

As of yet, NBC has not indicated when we will see these shows back on the air, or which day and time slot they will take once they return. Is the network bringing "Community" back to Thursday? Will they place it near "Go On" in hopes of boosting viewership? We'll see. Keep your fingers crossed and your darkest timeline goatee handy.

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