'Community' Spoilers: What to Expect for the Rest of Season Two

'Community' Spoilers: What to Expect for the Rest of Season Two What are you hoping to see for the rest of season two of "Community?" A spaghetti-western themed episode? Harpoons? A storyline from the Dean's perspective? More Magnitude (pop-pop!)?

If you answered yes to any of those, you might just get your wish. The show's creator Dan Harmon sat down with the cast at a panel at PaleyFest and fielded questions from fans while dropping some hints about the remainder of season two.

First up, some news about the two-part finale, which will reprise the paintball tournament: apparently this round will be a little less "Die Hard" and a little more "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly," as Harmon revealed that there will be some Sergio Leone spaghetti western references in the episode. Plus, Magnitude reportedly has his best one-liners in the finale, so buckle up for that.

The gang also talked about the possibility of an entire episode from the Dean's point of view, but that idea is still a hypothetical at this point.

Additionally, fans of the show should keep their eyes peeled during the upcoming "Memory" episode, which will feature 75 scenes (a pretty massive number) in a "fake clip show" style. Joel McHale said there would be harpoons (we can only hope he isn't joking), and that we should watch the episode carefully: apparently there will be things happening in the background that tell another story, much like Abed delivering  baby in the background of an episode from last year.

The PaleyFest crowd was also treated to this zinger:

Ken Jeong: "I've had a lot of day jobs where I've never laughed."

Joel McHale: "It was called Furry Vengeance."

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