Could the Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes Divorce Expose Scientology?

To say that Scientology has never been a very public organization would be like saying that Voldemort isn't very fond of Harry Potter. It's a vast understatement. So when Tom Cruise, who is by most accounts one of the top figures in the Scientology hierarchy, gets divorced from his wife and enters a custody battle that is supposedly centered around the religion, there's a potential for some real fireworks.

Some who have cut ties with Scientology in the past have reported bullying from the organization, being followed, and other forms of intimidation, some of which Katie Holmes is believed to be dealing with right now, according to TMZ. Heck, even if you just visit the Celebrity Center, the videos they show you are graphic and disturbing, and they'll keep you from taking any photos.

The word is that Holmes is divorcing Cruise specifically over the subject of Scientology, as Suri is approaching the age where she would begin to immerse herself in the organization's schooling. That fact will likely play into the custody battle over Suri, which is clearly a major focus for Holmes: she filed for divorce in New York, where it's much easier for a parent to win sole custody than in California.

So the question is, will Holmes reveal the dark secrets of Scientology, in court, on record, and under oath? Will the fact that it's coming from someone married to one of the organization's highest-ranking members lend it more weight than, say, if it were coming from a journalist or Paul Haggis?