From 'CSI' to Superman: Laurence Fishburne Cast in 'Man of Steel'

Looks like Laurence Fishburne will be going from solving crimes to reporting on them. The former "CSI" star is the latest to join the already stellar cast of Zack Snyder's "Man of Steel," the latest reboot of Superman.

We have already seen relative unknowns Henry Cavill and Michael Shannon cast as Supes and the villainous Zod, Diane Lane and Kevin Costner cast as Ma and Pa Kent, and Amy Adams cast as Lois Lane. That fills out most of the major roles (though Lex Luthor is noticeably missing), but there's a big hole missing at the Daily Planet, Clark Kent's place of work.

That's where Fishburne comes in. He will be playing Clark/Superman's boss Perry White, succeeding such memorable actors as Jackie Cooper and Frank Langella, who played the role in previous films. Interestingly, this will be the first time the role will be played by a black actor, even including the TV versions of the role in shows like "Smallville" and "Lois & Clark."

Filming doesn't begin until this fall and the movie is set for a summer 2013 release, so there will continue to be casting news coming out of the "Man of Steel" camp in the next couple of months. Who will play Lex? Will there even be a Lex? Most importantly, for the love of god, who will play Jimmy Olsen?!