Cuba Gooding Jr. Wanted by Police After Shoving Female Bartender

You don't see Cuba Gooding Jr.'s name in the headlines much these days, so it might not be much of a surprise that when it does, it's bad news.

There's a warrant out for Gooding's arrest in New Orleans after police were called to a bar in the early Tuesday morning hours for an altercation that involved the Oscar-winning actor. Gooding was allegedly present at the bar and was being bothered by some patrons. When he became irate with them, a female bartender approached him to tell him to calm down, at which point Gooding allegedly shoved her back. A co-worker called the police and the bartender informed Gooding that they had done so, prompting another shove. After that, Gooding left the bar.

The "Jerry Maguire" actor is currently in New Orleans filming the star-studded "The Butler" (no really, the cast is seriously impressive), so if this incident ends up meaning legal trouble for Gooding, it could potentially interfere with the film's shooting schedule.

Gooding's career is resurging a bit, as the once-popular actor appeared in "Red Tails" this year, and will be appearing in next year's "Deception" and "Machete Kills," in addition to "The Butler.