'Curb Your Enthusiasm' Season 8, Episode 10 (Finale) Recap - 'Larry vs. Michael J. Fox'

'Curb Your Enthusiasm' Season 8, Episode 10 (Finale) Recap - 'Larry vs. Michael J. Fox' Here's what we learned from this week's episode of "Curb Your Enthusiasm":

Don't talk during the background music

Larry goes to see his girlfriend play piano at a bar, which is a surprisingly nice, normal gesture for Larry. The only problem is, she's playing background music and everyone is talking. Larry thinks that's just plain rude, and he starts shushing everybody in sight...including Michael J. Fox, who happens to be Larry's new neighbor in New York.

That leads Michael to shake his head at Larry as he leaves. But was it, as Michael claims, a "Parkinson's shake," or was it a "pissed shake," as Larry claims? But, as Larry's girlfriend says, "that's not the kind of question you can ask him." In fact, when Larry does confront Michael about it, he hands Larry a shaky soda, stomps around his apartment, and runs into Larry in the lobby...claiming it's all because of the Parkinson's. But Larry doesn't buy it.

Don't hit the wrong floor

A great cameo from Aasif Mandvi of "The Daily Show" as a guy on the elevator in Larry's building who gets angry with Larry for pressing two buttons. Larry tries to explain that he just changed his mind on which floor he wanted, but Aasif wasn't having any of that. The confrontation escalated as most do with Larry, and ended with the two of them pressing every button on the elevator.

You can be "pre-gay"

Larry meets his girlfriend's seven-year-old son Greg, who is a big fan of fashion and loves "Project Runway." After a quick lesson on Hitler brought about by Larry's doodling of a Hitler mustache and a swastika on a magazine ("he thought Jews were a bit much"), Larry finds out about Greg's interests, and decides on a birthday present for the kid: a sewing machine. Not only is his mother a bit put off, but so is Susie, who claims Larry is making assumptions about Greg since he's too young to be attracted to anybody. Larry just claims he's "pre-gay." So, Larry has to decide on another gift...Jeff shoots down slinkies as roller skates as also pretty gay, so they decide on a musical instrument.

Bring it all together!

Larry delivers the violin to Greg, but Greg reveals that he's very happy with his sewing machine. In fact, he made Susie a gift: a very well-stiched pillow sham that also happens to have a swastika on it. That sends Susie into a rage and almost gets her run over by a bicycle, but Jeff "take a bullet" for her (he really takes on later when he takes a suppository antibiotic).

In order to make things up to Michael (and to avoid getting kicked out of the building by the board), Larry agrees to donate to the Fox Foundation and attend a fundraiser event. Of course, when Larry and Jeff get there, they start talking and get shushed by the guard. So Larry has to mime the gift that he got for Greg in order to tell Jeff, which means doing the "violin gesture" in the middle of the fundraiser event, which Michael happens to see. That leads to Mayor Bloomberg exhiling Larry from New York City.

But Larry tries to make make it up to Michael, offering to help him out with anything he needs. As it turns out, Michael does have a favor to ask...he's doing some work at a children's hospital all day on Saturday. It's the ultimate "Curb" full circle as Larry has to lie and skip town to get out of the same type of event that he lied and fled Los Angeles to avoid.

The season ends up with Larry in Paris (or a rather colorful set of Paris) arguing in French over a shoddy parking job. It's good to know that Larry's quibbles aren't limited by language or cultural barriers.

A pretty funny end to a pretty funny season. Or, should I say pretty, pretty, prettyyyyy good.