'Curb Your Enthusiasm' Season 8, Episode 5 Recap - 'Vow of Silence'

'Curb Your Enthusiasm' Season 8, Episode 5 Recap - 'Vow of Silence' Things we learned this week on "Curb":

1. Watch out for the "chat & cut"

It's moments like these that remind you that Larry David was a creative voice behind "Seinfeld" all those years. When he and Jeff wait in the buffet line, Larry catches a woman in the middle of a "chat & cut"...that is, she pretended to know someone so that she could cut in line.

2. Park within the lines

More than once, Larry catches people in the act of parking well over the line. As we all know, this causes a "domino effect" that throws everything into chaos. "Society can't function like this," Larry exclaims.

3. Dogs get last meals

Jeff and Susie's dog is facing his final days and has to be put down, so Susie comes up with the idea to give him a last meal. His favorite was Pinkberry, so she sends Larry and Jeff out to get it...but having skipped lunch, they devour the thing in the car.

4. Make smaller excuses

Larry is approached more than once by Tessler to take part in Keegan's Club, an all-day activity event for physically and mentally disabled kids. Of course Larry wants nothing to do with it, so he invents a trip to New York to get out of it. But when the event keeps getting moved around, his fake trip eventually extends to a three-month affair that he must go through with in order to not be caught in his lie.

5. A plan is not a confirmation

Larry makes a plan to have lunch with Richard, but Richard ends up being a no-show...Larry complains to him, but Richard explains that a plan is not a confirmation. Larry's having none of that, so he makes another lunch plan that Richard had better stick to.

6. Don't mess with a silent guy

Vance has taken a vow of silence, but still attempts to communicate by mouthing, which in Larry's opinion sort of defeats the purpose. But when Vance finds out that Larry and Jeff ate the Pinkberry, Larry has to tread carefully.

Bring it all together!

Larry is caught in his own chat & cut at Pinkberry to avoid talking to Tessler about Keegan's Club, but gets booted and gets caught in his New York lie. He goes so far with it that he actually has to make plans to go to New York, which will conveniently line up with Jeff and Susie's trip. On the way back from Pinkberry, Vance sees Larry and Jeff with the Pinkberry, but Larry convinces him not to tattle...that is, until Larry puts an angry note on Vance's car about his outside-the-line park job. That causes Vance to break his vow and tell on Larry and Jeff, which infuriates Susie. But unfortunately, she's going to have to put up with Larry for the next three months instead of getting a break from him.

Oh, and Richard gets stood up.

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