'Curb Your Enthusiasm' Season 8, Episode 6 Recap - 'The Hero'

'Curb Your Enthusiasm' Season 8, Episode 6 Recap - 'The Hero' Things we learned this week on "Curb":

1. Why are shoelaces so long?

Actually, we never get the answer to this one, but we do see the consequences. The very Larry-esque observation that shoelaces are getting way too long these days comes as he attempts, unsuccessfully, to hit on a woman (Donna) on the plane. That suave move fails, but when Larry goes to the back of the plane to use the restroom, he accidentally trips on his shoelaces and tackles a belligerently drunk passenger. Suddenly, Larry's a "hero" and Donna takes interest...but Susie knows better.

2. Don't try to out-lie Larry

Ricky Gervais makes a great guest appearance as himself (but really more like Andy Millman from "Extras"), which makes for an interesting dynamic: who's the bigger "prevaricator," Larry or Ricky? The feud between the two begins when they start insulting each others' shows, escalates when Ricky insults Larry's hard bread, gets worse when Larry insults Ricky's performance in his play, and comes to a boil when Larry tries to get Ricky to pay him back for a $300 bottle of wine and the $200 ticket to the play. These all make for some great improvised arguments between the comedy heavyweights.

3. Never talk near a waiter

Larry and Jeff's waiter is a master of sneakiness, materializing out of nowhere during very personal parts of their conversations...such as admitting that they were the ones talking during Ricky's play. That gets the waiter to tattle on them to Ricky as revenge for Larry grabbing their food from the kitchen earlier. During that confrontation, Ricky hints that he's been seeing Donna who, thanks to Susie, now knows that Larry is a phony. But when Larry asks Ricky about it, Ricky mirrors Larry's usual behavior and lies through his teeth.

4. Hard bread is good bread

After buying another hard loaf of terrible bread, Larry spies Donna and Ricky walking down the street. He follows them onto the subway, where he sees them getting mugged in the next car. Larry looks down at the stale baguette in his hand, and knows what he must do. He bravely sneaks onto the next car, beats the mugger into submission, and recovers Donna and Ricky's valuables. He even manages to slip in a clever quip and a wink before he exits the train.

But...those darned shoelaces!

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