Cute or Eww? Kim and Kanye Star in the New MTV VMA Promo

Cute or Eww? Kim and Kanye Star in the New MTV VMA Promo When it comes to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, people tend to fall into one of two camps: those who think they're kinda cute, and those who think they're totally gross. The majority of folks probably belong to the latter camp, but either way we just can't look away, can we?

So, feast your eyes (and maybe throw up in the back of your mouth a little) on this new promo for the "MTV Video Music Awards," starring the celebrity couple and their "acting skills."

The promo features the event's host, comedian Kevin Hart, attempting to plan a coordinated outfit with Kim and Kanye, and then suggesting some celebrity couple names for their trio. Luckily, the fast-talking Hart handles most of the dialogue, leaving Kanye and Kim with just a few monosyllabic reactions.

Hart's rambling is giggle-worthy, even though he should have known better than to try to come between Kim and Kanye. Doesn't he know that she's Kanye's perfect bitch?

Check out the promo for the MTV Movie Awards below, and watch the show itself on September 6.

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