D-Day at HBO: 'Bored to Death,''Hung' and 'How to Make it in America' Get Cancelled

D-Day at HBO: 'Bored to Death,''Hung' and 'How to Make it in America' Get Cancelled If you're an HBO subscriber, a big chunk of the shows you thought you were buying as part of your subscription are now gone.

The network announced today that they were cancelling "Bored to Death," "Hung" and "How to Make it in America" to make room for a new slate of shows, including "Luck," "Veep,""Girls," "Life's Too Short" and "Angry Boys."

Strangely, the network will also be renewing the rather abysmal "Enlightened."

While all three cancelled shows had their own cult followings, each of them had anemic ratings compared to HBO monster hits like "Boardwalk Empire" or "Game of Thrones."

While those shows also had much more substantial production budgets and hour-long, high-profile, prime-time timeslots, HBO's expectations were that all three cancelled shows eventually reach similar ratings success to the half-hour-long "Entourage," particularly in the case of the similarly plotted "How to Make it in America."

As THR reports, "Hung" had been a critical success, drawing golden Globe nominations in 2010 for Thomas Jane and Jane Adams, yet the third season drop in viewership was too steep for HBO to renew the show.

Despite great writing and an entertaining cast, "How to Make it in America" brought in just 560,000 viewers in its season finale.

Most disappointing is the exit of "Bored to Death," which was the best role Ted Danson has had on television since "Cheers," and a brilliant showcase for the explosive comedic talents of Zach Gaifianakis and Jason Schwartzmann.

There were moments in the show that were pee-your-pants funny, yet even with a cult following, the show only managed to pull in an average viewership of 240,000 on average this year.

The most promising of the replacement shows is "Luck." Starring Dustin Hoffman and Nick Nolte, the sneak peak of the opening episode screened after the finale of "Boardwalk Empire" was truly powerful stuff with greata cting and cinematography.

On the other end of the spectrum is the uncomfortable, depressing and damn near unwatchable "Enlightened," starring Laura Dern and Luke Wilson as two completely screwed up people trying to deal with functioning as adults and doing very badly at it.

According to THR, only 210,000 people watched the show's October premiere, yet the show managed to pick up two Golden Globe noms (Best Comedy and Best Actress), so HBO will give it a chance to develop.

Guess you can't expect perfection, even from the gold standard for quality programming, HBO.

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