'The Daily Show' Reflects On The Fall Of Herman Cain, Pokemon (Video)

'The Daily Show' Reflects On The Fall Of Herman Cain, Pokemon (Video) They say you never really know how much you'll miss someone until they're gone.

Well, Herman Cain's been out of the GOP Presidential-nomination field for less than a week, and already Jon Stewart and I both want the magnificent bastard to pull a Perot and somehow get back in.

Cain ended what once looked like a dark-horse run to the Republican nomination last week amid continued scandals over mounting sexual-harassment allegations and the exposure of a 13-year extra-marital affair. And beg your pardon for being selfish, but his brand of unintentional political comedy is already missed.

"The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" will certainly miss this latest walking, talking well-spring of material for host Jon Stewart, as reflected by this clip. The least the remaining GOP hopefuls could do in the meantime is maybe pull up in a campaign bus at the very moment they're being introduced at their greet-the-voters events like Cain once did.

"Who does that?" Stewart asks incredulously.

But precious little tops a feat that no candidate on either side of the aisle will hopefully ever replicate: the man quoted "Pokemon: The Movie 2000" in a speech to the press and voters, and credited the line to "a poet."

Even then, for what it's worth, Stewart has his own ideas about which moments from the anime and Nintendo franchise Cain could've better utilized.

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