'Dancing With The Stars' All-Star Apolo Anton Ohno '50/50' About Sochi Winter Olympics Bid

'Dancing With The Stars' All-Star Apolo Anton Ohno '50/50' About Sochi Winter Olympics Bid Some will just never get competition outof their blood.

Of course, Apolo Anton Ohno isn't likely looking past his impending date with a possible second "Dancing with the Stars" Mirror Ball Trophy win on ABC in the upcoming "All-Stars" season. That's not to say the thought of a 2014 sojourn to Sochi, Russia's Winter Olympics hasn't entered the eight-time speed-skating medalists thoughts.

In fact, he told Kit Hoover and his fellow "Access Hollywood Live" guest co-host and "DWTS" pro Cheryl Burke on Thursday, he's presently "50/50" about whether he'll chase a ninth medal or beyond.

"It's a commitment like no other," the 30-year-old Ohno said. "I close the curtains, no one sees me . . . for two years and I go into a bubble . . . I eat, sleep, train, repeat . . . nothing else."

He joined NBC's recently concluded 2012 Summer Olympics coverage in London, but proximity to another Olympic experience left his mind no clearer.

"The games are in my blood . . . it's the best feeling in the world," he said. "I couldn't make the decision while I was in London. It's just the wrong place to make a decision because you're somewhat biased and swayed toward, 'Yes, I want to do it again.

Keeping things in perspective, Ohno knows time stands on his side. Registering his name with the pool of hopefuls needn't speak entirely to whether or not he'll once more "bubble" himself. All in all, it's only saying he wants it only badly enough right now not to want to entirely lock himself out of a 2014 bid.

"I probably will submit my name to the pool," he finally admitted. "When I submit my name all it just says that I have opportunity to compete, whether I do start training and go down that path is another story."

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