'Daredevil' Reboot Promises to Not Be Terrible

Daredevil.jpg" style="margin: 5px; float: left; width: 250px; height: 322px;" />Some people, myself included, think that the Ben Affleck "Dardevil" movie got a worse rap than it deserved. It wasn't a good movie, but it certainly could have been worse. It could have been "Elektra."

Now, 20th Century Fox faces a dilemma: they can either reboot the "Daredevil" franchise and make a new movie, or they can let the rights go back to Marvel (who now has their own movie studio and would probably love to have Daredevil back). So naturally, a reboot is now in the works.

A director for the reboot has just been announced in David Slade, who directed the dark and gritty vampire flick "30 Days of Night" and followed up with directing "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse."

Slade's sensibilities seem well-suited for Daredevil, who requires a darker vision than some other Marvel characters, like Iron Man or Spider-Man.

Slade is on board to both develop and direct, but a writer has yet to be hired. Frank Miller (who wrote "Sin City") was a writer for the Daredevil comic book series in the 1980's and made it the title it is today, but whether he is being considered is unknown.

I'm happy to hear about this, as Daredevil can be a really great character when done right. The problem is it just wasn't done right last time. Second time's the charm?