'Dark Knight Rises' Copycat Shooter Arrested in Ohio

A potential tragedy was averted over the weekend at a movie theater in Ohio, thanks to increased security and the sharp eye of an undercover cop.

Police arrested a man who had carried a bag full of weapons into a movie theater, including a 9mm Glock, a number of loaded magazines and an array of knives. The man aroused suspicion by carrying around the weapons in a large tan-colored bag and settling in the back row of the theater at a screening of "The Dark Knight Rises."

Receiving tips about the suspicious man, an off-duty police officer who was providing security for the theater asked to see the contents of the bag, leading to the arrest of the white male suspect.

The arrest has huge implications, as it shows that perhaps some mentally ill individuals are considering a copycat crime based on the shooting in Aurora in late July by James Holmes. For those who are going to the movie theater, especially to see "The Dark Knight Rises" on a weekend, please keep a watchful eye and report any suspicious activity to the staff or security.