'Dark Knight Rises' Copycat Shooter Claims Bag of Weapons was 'Solely for Protection'

Just yesterday, we reported that a man was arrested over the weekend at a movie theater in Ohio for bringing a bag full of weapons onto a screening of "The Dark Knight Rises." Considering the shooting that happened just a little over two weeks ago in Aurora, Smith's motives seemed pretty clear: he was there to copycat James Holmes.

However, Smith's defense attorney is claiming the opposite: "With the recent shooting in Colorado, and the other incidents around the country in regards to threats, he felt that he needed protection," said Smith's lawyer.

Smith first raised suspicion when he walked into the theater with a large bag. The theater manager asked to see the contents, and Smith showed him a compartment of the bag that did not contain weapons, claiming that the bag had only medical supplies in it.

An off-duty officer also noticed Smith, and confronted him after Smith had seated himself in the middle of the back row of the theater. The officer searched the bag and discovered a 9mm Glock, two extra loaded magazines, and an array of knives in the bag, plus one more knife on Smith's person. Smith reportedly asked the officer if he could just put the weapons back in his car. Instead, Smith was arrested and is expected to face several weapons charges, including one that states that he shouldn't have owned the weapons in the first place due to an undisclosed medication.

Upon searching Smith's apartment later, police found bulletproof vests, several pistols, shotguns and rifles, and thousands of rounds of ammunition.

On the one hand, if Smith did have emergency medical supplies in the bag, he might have really brought it, and the weapons, for protection. He also consented to both searches without complaint. On the other hand, why bring that much ammunition and four knives, and why hide the weapons from the manager in the first place?

Sound off: is Smith's lawyer mounting an honest defense, or is it totally bogus?