'Dark Knight Rises' Shooting Causes Increased Security, Banned Costumes

While the lasting effects of the horrific theater shooting in Aurora are hard to predict at this point, the short-term effects are taking place already as theater owners across the country are reacting to the news. Considering that "The Dark Knight Rises" is set to earn about $80-$90 million on Friday alone, there will be many nervous crowds to deal with.

The Department of Homeland Security has already become involved in amping up security over the weekend, having provided the National Association of Theater Owners with a checklist of safety procedures to help them deal with the crowds.

Theaters in larger cities like Los Angeles and New York will likely have police patrolling theaters, with some theaters even checking purses and bags. The Los Angeles Police Department has announced that it will be sending undercover cops into select theaters to do spot checks, as well.

AMC theaters have announced that they will not be allowing any costumes, face-covering masks or fake weapons on the premises... so if you were planning on attending a screening tonight, you will want to leave your Batman costume at home.

The overseas premiere for "The Dark Knight Rises" has been cancelled in the wake of the shooting, and a trailer for the upcoming Ryan Gosling movie "Gangster Squad" has been pulled from all "TDKR" screenings, as the trailer featured a scene with mobsters firing guns on a theater full of patrons from behind a movie screen.