Demi Moore's Hospitalization Details Emerge - 911 Call To Be Released

Details have emerged explaining Demi Moore's sudden hospitalization earlier this week. They paint a disconcerting picture.

A Moore representative told media Jan. 24 that the 49-year-old actress and former Mrs. Ashton Kutcher checked into a hospital "[seeking] professional assistance to treat her exhaustion and improve her overall health."

That sounded plausible then. Now, Entertainment Weekly and People report that the "Stripteast," "G.I. Jane," "Ghost" and "Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle" star was hospitalized following a 911 call be friends when, according to one unnamed source, she "was having what seemed like seizures at home."

For what it's worth, TMZ has taken still a third angle: Moore had a bad nitrous oxide whippet reaction.  It is also being reported that the 911 call will be released, albeit with all drug references removed for 'patient privacy' reasons.

This health scare follows Moore's sudden announcement this past November that she would end she and Kutcher's six-year marriage. Following her treatment for whatever may ail her, she's also removed herself from the in-production "Lovelace," the biopic spotlighting porn legend and star of the pioneering adult film "Deep Throat." Moore was slated to play activist feminist attorney Gloria Steinem alongside Amanda Seyfried, who was to play Lovelace herself.

It's an odd twist, actually. Though Moore has historically been more level-headed and not exactly self-destructive, another Lovelace biopic had to recast their Linda with "Watchmen" star Malin Akerman when the originally cast star couldn't rein in her personal demons.

That dropped starlet would be the frequently "exhausted" Lindsay Lohan.