NY Bosses Go to War: Robert DeNiro and Donald Trump Exchange Heated Insults

NY Bosses Go to War: Robert DeNiro and Donald Trump Exchange Heated Insults

Dude, Donald, have you never even seen "Taxi Driver"? "GoodFellas"? "Casino"? How about "Cape Fear"? Maybe "Raging Bull"? We're just sayin' - there's a lesson in there somewhere, buddy.

After Robert De Niro spoke out against potential presidential candidate Donald Trump's recent comments on the long-running Birther conspiracy theory, a war of words has broken out.

"I won't mention names, but certain people in the news the last couple weeks, just, what are they doing? It's crazy. They're making statements about people that they don't even back up," DeNiro told The Daily Beast.

"Go get the facts before you start saying things about people." De Niro then reportedly confirmed to the website that he was talking about Trump.

The movie legend and Tribeca Film Festival founder added: "It's like a big hustle. It's like being a car salesman. Don't go out there and say things unless you can back them up. How dare you? That's awful to do. To just go out and speak and say these terrible things? Unless you just wanna get over and get the job. It's crazy."

This morning, Trump struck back.

"Well he’s not the brightest bulb on the planet," Trump said of De Niro on "Fox & Friends."

"I’ve been watching him over the years and I like his acting, but you know in terms of when I watch him doing interviews and various other things, we’re not dealing with Albert Einstein."


Speaking of genuis moves, we're not suggesting De Niro is going to resort to violence like the characters in his films, but engaging Bobby D in battle, over politics or anything else, doesn't strike us as the most intelligent maneuver an aspiring Presidential candidate (or anyone really) could make.

While we understand why Trump's hairpiece would be out of whack over DeNiro's comments, we'd suggest maybe Trump stick to shaking hands, kissing babies (or harassing Meatloaf), and ixnay on the Eniroday before he ends up unleashing the Raging Bull...