'Dexter' Behind-the-Scenes Video Features Tons of New Season 7 Footage

'Dexter' Behind-the-Scenes Video Features Tons of New Season 7 Footage The flow of information about "Dexter" season 7 has been a slow, reluctant drip thus far. But with this new behind-the-scenes video, the floodgates have been opened and the outline for the upcoming season has become much clearer.

In fact, there's so much new footage and new info in the video that it might count as a spoiler for those who want to go into the upcoming season without any hints. So, spoiler alert.

The video doesn't make any mention of Dexter's big case or of Yvonne Strahovski's new character; rather, it's all about Dexter and Deb, and the fact that the secret is out. Michael C. Hall notes in the video that the show is at its best when Dexter is "in hot water," which couldn't be more true. By the look of things, the water will indeed be boiling hot.

If you think that Deb will just give up on the incident after the cover-up, think again: she seems to be dogging Dexter constantly, keeping him from his ritual and making him more and more on edge. In fact, we see Deb even calling Dexter's babysitter and asking if Dex works late a lot, and even worse than that we see Dex coming home to find Deb sitting in his living room with his knives, tools and even his precious slides out on the table.

That eliminates the possibility of Dexter passing this off as a one-time thing. The question is, how long will it take Deb to realize that Dex is the Bay Harbor Butcher? If he keeps attacking suspects (and Louis), probably not long.

Check out the video below: