'Dexter Early Cuts' Webisode Trailer Debuts

Dexter Early Cuts Webisode (WARNING! If you can't quite guess, this report may contain SPOILERS for the sixth-season finale of "Dexter" and possibly even leaked ones for the seventh season. If you're adamant about coming in fresh or just plain aren't caught up yet, turn back now. First, last and only warning, folks.)

Your appetite for a ride beside Dexter Morgan's dark passenger could probably stand a little whetting.

Let's fix that with the trailer heralding a new round of "Dexter Early Cuts," coming this summer and heralding the seventh, penultimate season of Showtime's killer-of-killers drama "Dexter."

Narrated by star Michael C. Hall, the animated webisodes are written by "Dexter" producer Scott Reynolds, illustrated by comic artist David Mack and have been a primer for coming seasons since 2009. This particular round, according to Paste, will focus on Dexter reflecting on how season six concluded: his sister-by-adoption Deb walking in on him executing a victim, then training her gun on him. According to what the webisodes may reveal, she may have had more than an inkling in the past about what her brother was hiding.

Previous batches have focused strongly on Dexter's exposition as the killer inside the Miami Police blood-splatter pathologist emerged.

The coming season is said to begin at precisely the moment at which the sixth season left off, but from there, will include a multi-episode arc introducing "Rome" alum Ray Stevenson as a mob-connected Russian strip club owner.

Enjoy the trailer.

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