'Dexter' Nabs HBO Alum Jason Gedrick

Jason Gedrick Dexter Dexter Morgan has one ne'er-do-well on whom he'll be keeping an eye this fall.

Showtime announced Tuesday that Miami will be welcoming Jason Gedrick, most recently of HBO's departed "Luck," for a multi-episode "Dexter" arc, TV Guide reported.

The hands of Miami PD's blood-spatter pathologist with a dark passenger are looking increasingly full. In addition to Gedrick, Showtime previously announced the acquisition of "Rome" veteran Ray Stevenson to play a vicious Russian mobster across several episodes. This all is placed atop sixth-season revelations of Dexter's sister (by adoption) Deborah (Jennifer Carpenter) harboring more-than-sisterly feelings for Dexter, as well as glimpsing the truth of his double life.

For Gedrick's part, he'll reportedly be playing an area gentlemen's club owner connected with a high-profile murder investigation. That's just the kind of inquiry for which Miami's Finest rarely put Dexter - or, for that matter, Deb - on the sidelines.

Gedrick's most recent previous gig seemed doomed from the word "go." After getting a full-series pickup from HBO, "Luck" was mired in low ratings and the worst possible publicity. Producers David Milch and Michael Mann announced on March 15 the cancelation of the Dustin Hoffman-starring series looking behind the curtain at a struggling racetrack after a third horse died during production of its racing scenes.

Though shady individuals as a rule don't last long on Dexter's bad side, the "Desperate Housewives" alum finds himself among the last few recurring guests with whom Mr. Morgan will have to deal. The drama received a two-season renewal this past fall, with it being all but officially announced that the eighth season will be the last.

In the meantime, the seventh season premieres on Showtime Sun. Sept. 30 at 9 PM ET/PT.

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