Is 'Dexter' Nearing the End?

Is 'Dexter' Nearing the End? Speculation has been flying since last year about the future of Showtime’s gory hit, “Dexter.”

With the show about to go into its seventh season, rumors have been abounding that the eighth season will bring the feel-good murder-fest to a close.

But while Showtime executives are calling the eighth season ending “likely,” no one seems inclined to put that final nail in Dexter’s coffin.

Does some hope remain that the creepy character will continue to kill for a long time to come?


Despite the original conviction that “Dexter” is nearing its end, Showtime boss David Nevin is now announcing, “plans can change.”

Meanwhile, Michael C. Hall, who plays the title thin-lipped serial killer, seems a little less inclined to jump on board.

“It’s hard to imagine it going beyond that,” Hall admits. However, he adds, “I would never say never. But the sense is we are moving toward a definite end.”

So will season eight draw the series to an end? Perhaps it depends on the success of season seven. As the show gears up, executives practically bounce and giggle when teasing the thrills and surprises their audience can expect.

Since season six was considered an essential flop in the much-loved series’ otherwise strong run, Showtime will definitely need this season to redeem themselves if any hope remains of keeping “Dexter” around.

So what can we expect this season?

Deb, they hint, will be forced to deal with the knowledge of her brother Dexter’s questionable goings-ons, while Dexter, we imagine, deals with whether or not he can just murder her and keep on in his merry way.

“I think it’ll take both Deb and Dexter to unexpected places,” Nevin promises.

Let’s just hope for Deb’s sake that some of those places aren’t a graveyard.

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