'Dexter' Season 6, Episode 2 Recap - 'Once Upon a Time'

'Dexter' Season 6, Episode 2 Recap - 'Once Upon a Time' "Once Upon a Time" was light on the killing and very light on the forensics, but there was still enough happening to make it a pretty busy episode. If anything, Deb's very busy day had enough to make us forget that there wasn't much blood. Well... almost anyway.

While Dex was off doing his thing, Deb was dealing with Quinn finally popping the question after that random shooter ruined the moment the night before. That was a bit much for Deb to deal with though... she tells Quinn that she enjoys being with him, but she wasn't thinking about marriage at all.

As if that wasn't a big enough decision, Deb also gets offered lieutenant over Bautista, despite LaGuerta's recommendation for him. Turns out that random shooter was just a random shooter, but the purpose to the story was to make Deb a hero thanks to YouTube. So, now Deb is everyone's boss, including her now ex-boyfriend whose proposal she turned down and her former mentor from whom she took the job. Awkward.

But Dexter had his hands full as well. He's still trying to figure out how to live his life with his Dark Passenger while simultaneously raising Harrison, who is getting old enough to start figuring out what's going on. At least, he's saying "daddy's box" now... that's not good.

Despite the risks (and the fact that he seems to really enjoy telling Harrison those monster stories), Daddy still has to hunt. And when Brother Sam, an ex-con who got off scot-free for murder, shows up at Miami Metro for questioning over that crazy snake homicide, Dexter marks him for a target.

Thus, we're introduced to Brother Sam, who is played rather well by Mos Def. Here's what we know: he used to be involved in drugs and robbed a store, where he shot and killed the owner. That got him on death row, but the judge presiding over his case died and there was a mistrial. Now, Brother Sam runs an auto shop called "Good Shepherd" that employs other ex-cons, whom he calls his "flock."

But Brother Sam surprises Dex when he goes to catch him in the act... Dex thinks he shot someone, but he actually just knocked him out and took him in to work to get him off the drugs he was into. Luckily for Dexter, some thugs come in and try to intimidate Sam, which eventually gives Dex the chance to catch Julio Benes.

The kill room of the week is a barbershop, complete with chairs, old-timey shaving razors (throat slit for the kill) and a creepy broken mirror. Nice touch, Dex.

So, we had all that going on. In the meantime, we got a tiny bit more information about our weirdo baddies. As it turns out, the younger one is named Justin, and he has a sister who is totally normal. It was very nicely set up as the scene between Dexter and Deb was immediately followed by the scene with Justin and his sis. Juxtaposition, folks. Look for a lot of it this season, whether it be parallels like that or the perversions as Olmos' character burned his own arm to "suffer" for Justin's "sins."

What are they up to? We still don't know, but we do know that there are mannequins involved, and another murdered guy. This time, though, he went down with a rock instead of a sword. Boy, I hope they don't fill him with snakes again.

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