'Dexter' Season 7: New Promos Show Dex and Deb's Worst Nightmares

'Dexter' Season 7: New Promos Show Dex and Deb's Worst Nightmares What's the worst nightmare of a serial killer? In the curious case of Dexter, probably getting caught by the one person you wouldn't want to know about your secret.

These two (slightly spoiler-y, if you haven't finished season 6 yet) new promos for "Dexter" season 7 reveal what Dexter's "worst nightmare" is. In the videos, we see clips of both Dexter (Michael C. Hall) and Deb (Jennifer Carpenter) tossing and turning under the covers as Dex, in voice-over, talks about his worst fears.

Each promo asks the question: "what happens next?" One questions what Deb will do now that she knows, and the other asks what Dex will do. In the past, most people who find out about Dexter's "dark passenger" have ended up dead by Dexter's hand... but could he do that to Deb?

The promos also elicit some responses through the way they're shot. There's some of the imagery that we see in the "Dexter" opening credits, with the sheets trapping Dex and Deb underneath as if suffocating them. But there's also the almost sexual writhing under the covers, which reminds us that Deb still has to deal with her newly realized romantic feelings for Dex in addition to her latest discovery.

Check out the two "Dexter" season 7 promos below: