'Dexter' Season 7 Promo: Deb's Big Reaction (Video)

'Dexter' Season 7 Promo: Deb's Big Reaction (Video) The season 6 finale of "Dexter" had quite the cliffhanger, with implications that could change the face of the entire show. So, naturally, if you haven't seen it yet, stop reading. We're going to talk about it and watch a new promo of "Dexter" season 7 now.

When Deb walked in on Dexter in the chapel, the big question was how she was going to react to the truth about her brother. Unfortunately, the episode ended before we got much of a reaction out of her at all, so we're left to wonder all the way up to the season 7 premiere on September 30.

The newest promo, however, gives us just a bit of a hint about how things are going to go. The promo features intercut shots of Deb and Dex, as well as plenty of blood and sharp objects (this is "Dexter," after all). Our anti-hero talks about the illuminating nature of truth, and wonders if Deb can accept him for who he is.

Deb, in response to the grisly scene she walks in on, gives two lines that are played in this promo: "Get away from the body," and a hard to read "Jesus, Dexter." It almost sounds like the usual exasperated Deb, not one who walked in on her brother murdering a guy... is Deb going to handle this calmly?

Check out the promo below. What do you think Deb's reaction will be?