Did Obama's 'Slow-Jam' Push Jon Stewart Too Far? [Video]

Did Obama's 'Slow-Jam' Push Jon Stewart Too Far? [Video] To put it into the "Network" parlance of Peter Finch, is Jon Stewart mad as Hell, and not going to take it anymore?

A stretch, perhaps. But Comedy Central's "The Daily Show" ringmaster may be growing a tad exasperated with President Obama's "Love me! Adore me! Re-elect me!" schtick. He often jests when taking elected leaders to task, but more often than not, with a little winking honesty.

A mildly flabberghasted Stewart took Obama to task on Wednesday's show as he relived the Commander in Chief "slow-jamming" the news alongside Jimmy Fallon on NBC's "Late Night" and many likely talking points in his campaign for re-election this November.

"Aww yeah. You should listen to the President. Or as I like to call him, the Preezy of the United Steezy," Fallon interjected alongside a grinning Obama during the segment.

Call Stewart uptight, but it's coming across to Stewart like the President has checked his dignity at the Oval Office door.

"What the? The President is slow-jamming the news on 'Late Night'," Stewart said, just to make sure he had all this straight, that it was all real, and that he wouldn't soon emerge from a bizarre fever dream. He even tossed in a reference to Bill Clinton's saxophone rock-out on "The Arsenio Hall Show" during Clinton's successful first presidential campaign. "So, [Mitt] Romney is this year's Regan, Obama is this year's [Bill] Clinton.

"Mr. President, you're the President," he added. "You don't have to do this s**t anymore."

In a sense, he's got a point. There is a moment wherein Obama has shown up on "SportsCenter" or mocked Kanye West or popped up on a talk show one time too many, national crises keep abounding, and someone just wants to ask, "Look at the country around you. We're in trouble. Do you take it this lightly? Is this s**t actually funny to you?"