Check Out Tim Burton's Bizarre Thanksgiving Day Parade Balloon

Since 2004, Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade organizers have been trying to sweet-talk director of "Batman," "Beetlejuice," "The Nightmare Before Christmas" and the upcoming vampire-soap adaptation "Dark Shadows" into designing a balloon for the family-friendly annual Turkey Day celebration.

This year, Burton caved and they got their wish. So what exactly did the stringy-haired eccentric director deliver? Anything we'd expect?

A giant Helene Bonham Carter, just to continue his streak of attaching his baby-mama to everything he does?

Perhaps a whimsical Johnny Depp balloon, decorated in wacky makeup?

Good guesses, but instead, Burton delivered a stitched-up patchwork boy with a misfit's backstory.

Yes, he actually gave the balloon a backstory, after being given only the limitations that he couldn't design a skinny, pointy character (that had to just kill him): "B. Boy" is made from the remains of dead balloons from children's parties at the Great Ormond Street Hospital in London, who can't play with the other children because of his jagged teeth and the fact that he's stitched up like a patchwork quilt.

Instead, he lives in a basement lair where he obssessively watches the whimsical and weird (go figure) French film "The Red Balloon" and aspires to one day fly himself.

Who wants to bet the other balloons prayed for a good sudden gust of wind to push 'em a little further from this one? Maybe Burton got sick of the organizers asking him year after year, and just figured that if you do a job badly enough once, you won't be asked to do it again.