Disney+ Has a Bumpy Launch

The launch of Disney+ on Tuesday brought both good and bad news for Disney. The good news is that the streaming service seems to be very popular from the start. The bad news is that its popularity seemed to have caused some glitches during the first hours of the service's availability. Read on for details.

Via The Hollywood Reporter.

The Walt Disney Co.’s Disney+ streaming service appeared to be hit by technical difficulties on its launch day Tuesday.

Twitter users mentioned problems accessing the service or some of its features around 7 a.m. New York time, and Downdetector.com showed 6,900 reports of problems with the service around 7:30 a.m. ET and slightly more than 7,000 later before problem reports dropped off. People mentioned problems signing up, logging in and streaming.

Downdetector.com's map view showed problems in the U.S., parts of Canada and the Netherlands.

Some U.S. users were allowed to purchase Disney+ on their computer, but once paid for, the streaming service would not load on smart TVs or on the PlayStation app.

An error icon would appear each time, showing Mickey Mouse and his dog, Pluto, in space outfits. It would then force users to exit the service.

Once the service did load properly, some titles, such as under the Star Wars category, were unavailable; that error page was just a blank blue screen that said, "Sorry something went wrong. Please try again later."

"Appears that the 'login' button does nothing at the moment," said one user. Added another: "Still offline in Va. sigh! Got to see about 10 minutes of the Mandolorian. Rats!" And a third tweeted: "#DisneyPlus is experiencing a server outage already hasnt even been "officially" out for little more than an hour was working fine when it wasnt out yet (3 a.m. when I watched mandalorian) very disappointing I'd expect better from #Disney."

Others urged patience though, with one user saying: "Its overloaded because it just launched... give them a minute for Pete's sake! I logged in at 3 a.m. early and it was great... just everyone Is excited all at once.. it'll work out people!"

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