DJ Paulie vs. DJ Pauly D: 'Jersey Shore' Star Gets Sued

DJ Paulie vs. DJ Pauly D: 'Jersey Shore' Star Gets Sued "Jersey Shore" star Pauly D is getting sued, and it's not because he poked someone's eye out with his hair.

A Connecticut DJ claims that Pauly D is ruining his business, due to the similarity in the two DJs' names: the "Jersey Shore" star goes by DJ Pauly D, while the plaintiff in the case goes by DJ Paulie.

Paul Lis, who goes by the handle DJ Paulie when he's spinning, claims he has a trademark on the name that dates back to 1973. Paulie's complaint is that since Pauly D came on the scene, his business has plummeted due to customer confusion and lowered searchability.

I'm not convinced that people are really going to confuse DJ Paulie with DJ Pauly D, but the searchability factor is definitely a problem. If you do a Google search for DJ Paulie, the entire first page gives you results for DJ Pauly D instead. Google results are a big part of business these days, especially for someone in the DJ game.

Paulie's chances of winning this case aren't huge, but there's a question of how he would benefit anyway if he did. Even in the best-case scenario that DJ Pauly D has to change his name, it won't matter much: his name is already out there, and with his "Jersey Shore" fame it isn't going away anytime soon.

But I'll bet Paulie won't mind winning some damages and getting a piece of Pauly D's new six-figure income.