Don Cheadle Goes Gangsta As Captain Planet

Don Cheadle Goes Gangsta As Captain Planet Captain Planet, he's our hero. And he's gonna whup that candy ass if you don't get greener than frog s*** right quick.

Cartoon Network and one of the people that under international law should be charged with war crimes for producing "Transformers: Dark Of The Moon," Don Murphy, announced last month that they're turning Ted Turner's awesomely bad '90s cartoon "Captain Planet And The Planeteers" into a live-action film.

Enter the good folks from FunnyOrDie . . . and Don Cheadle.

Planeteers, this is what you get. You couldn't handle the power yourselves, you couldn't one single time solve one single problem by yourselves, and the good Captain just decided your way wasn't working.

This . . . is what you get.

Meet Gangsta Planet. Now who gon' run this town tonight?

And for all you uneducated young-'uns who just don't get it, class is in session.

As a bonus today, let Prof. Nostalgia Critic from learn you a thing or three about Captain Planet and his mentally challenged lil' Planeteers.