'DWTS' Reunion: Bristol Palin Gets a New Reality Show with Kyle Massey

'DWTS' Reunion: Bristol Palin Gets a New Reality Show with Kyle Massey Being a single mother is tough. But it helps when you have a reality show.

Bristol Palin has landed a new show for BIO that will follow her as she moves to Los Angeles to work with a charity organization. Interestingly, Palin will be living with Chris and Kyle Massey, the latter of whom Palin apparently became good friends with while working on "Dancing with the Stars."

So, what that means is you'll have the 20-year-old Bristol, 21-year-old Chris, and 19-year-old Kyle living with a two-year-old kid. Yes, that's right: Tripp, Bristol's son, is coming with her and will be a part of this new reality show.

Does this sound like a bad idea to anyone else? It's tough being a single mother. It's tougher being a single mother at just 20 years old. But being a single mother at 20 years old and having a camera crew following you around 24/7? That sounds like a recipe for disaster.

Then again, Palin has complained in the past about not having a steady job (even though he earned over $200,000 last year from Candie's for speaking to teens about pregnancy). So, maybe having a reality show is the only method she has at her disposal for earning money.

The ten episodes ordered will begin airing toward the end of this year.

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