Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes Got Engaged

Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes Got Engaged LeAnn Rimes got engaged over Christmas to CSI ex-star, Eddie Cibrian. Well, since they each broke up their marriages for each other, I suppose it’s a good thing, right? LeAnn and Eddie have been famously feuding with his ex or soon to be ex, Brandi Glanville over the kids and their happiness. Because, it always shows you’re the better parent when you go to the press with a hot story, right?

LeAnn announced the engagement via her rep. Usually she does things via Twitter, so why change now? I guess it’s her way of being more grown up and official! From People Magazine:

Rimes, 28, and Cibrian, 37, were spotted on a Malibu beach on Monday, where she was wearing a new engagement ring.

The platinum sparkler features a 5-carat oval diamond set in rose gold fleur-de-lis connected to the band, according to a source.

"The couple wanted an antique feel, but a new ring," says the source, who adds that Rimes and Cibrian designed the ring together with the actor's childhood friend Brent Polacheck at Polacheck Jewelers.

So, how soon before she gushes to the press about her wedding plans? Do you even care what their wedding will be like, since they started the relationship off on so many different levels of wrong? And the public obviously feels that they were wrong, since Eddie got canned from CSI and LeAnn’s music career is tanking with her fans. Her latest album didn’t sell and the next one’s release was pushed back indefinitely. I hope they are both happy!

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