Is Elisabeth Moss Leaving 'Mad Men' For Good?

Is Elisabeth Moss Leaving 'Mad Men' For Good? Caution: MAJOR SPOILERS from the past two episodes of "Mad Men" follow!

The last couple of weeks have been rocky on "Mad Men." We saw Peggy leave SCDP two episodes ago, and Lane departed in the most recent episode, though in a considerably darker way than Peggy did. The Daily caught up with Jared Harris (who plays the recently deceased Lane), and he may have revealed something important about Peggy's departure.

When asked about how the cast sent him off, and if there was a "big party," Harris responded, "They didn't. You know, we're always ending things. Actors are always ending job." That isn't much of a surprise, but Harris went on: "Also other people had left the show that had been there since the beginning. Elisabeth left the episode before and she’d been there since the beginning... People leave and it's just part of it."

From that, it sure sounds like Harris is implying that Peggy is off the show completely, and that the episode with her departure was her last. When asked if that was the case, Harris replied, "Um... I have no idea what Matthew Weiner intends to do and even then I couldn’t tell you."

Is Peggy gone forever? It's certainly a possibility: there's only one more episode left in this season, and the next season is likely to be the last. Peggy could easily sit out from here on in, presumably with a happy ending (and blasting The Kinks), and that would be that.

On the other hand, we have seen other characters leave the show seemingly permanently and show up for an episode later, such as Paul Kinsey (Michael Gladis), who returned for a guest spot this season.

I would say that it's likely we haven't seen the very last of Peggy... but considering her no-show in last week's episode and this slip from Harris, we might not see very much of her, either.

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