Eliza Dushku Accuses Stunt Coordinator of Sexual Abuse

Eliza Dushku Accuses Stunt Coordinator of Sexual Abuse

Buffy the Vampire Slyer alum Eliza Dushku this week accused stunt coordinator Joel Kramer of sexually molesting her when she was 12 and working with Kramer on the film True Lies. Kramer, 60, denies the allegations, saying that it was the pre-teen Dushku who had a crush on him during the production.

Via Us Weekly.

Joel Kramer, the stunt coordinator who Eliza Dushku accuses of molesting her when she was 12, denied the allegations in an interview with Us Weekly on Saturday, January 13.

As previously reported, the Buffy The Vampire Slayer alum claimed in a long Facebook post on Saturday, January 13, that Kramer, then 36, sexually assaulted her when she was working on the 1994 film True Lies, taking her to a hotel room, lying naked on top of her and rubbing himself on her.

“This is all vile lies,” Kramer, 60, told Us, denying that he was alone in a hotel room or taxi with her, as she alleged. “I never molested this young woman, ever. Who in their right mind would do that and then still work with someone another six months or seven months or however long we had left to work together, wouldn’t that be a little weird?”

Kramer, who most recently worked on Blade Runner 2049, also denied Dushku’s suggestion that he was responsible for broken ribs she suffered doing a stunt on the very same day that the claimed an adult female friend of her confronted him on the set.

“I talked to the stunt people on the [film] and asked did Eliza get hurt, because I don’t remember her getting hurt. When you harness someone you can get bumps and bruises, but I don’t remember her breaking any ribs and all of a sudden she is viciously attacking me,” he said. “We all treated Eliza like family. I just don’t get the vicious outright lies.”

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