The Emmy Nominations: What Did They Get Right?

The Emmy Nominations: What Did They Get Right? There's always a lot to shake your head (or fists) about each year when the Emmy nominees are announced, but this year's list had a few good things going for it as well. Here's what they got right:

1. "Parks & Recreation"

Finally! "Parks & Recreation" has been one of NBC's strongest shows--and even one of the best comedies on TV--for a while now, but had received no Emmy love. The show had a bit of a slow start at first in trying to separate itself from that other mockumentary workplace comedy ("The Office"), but having finished its unbelievably funny third season and gotten renewed for a fourth, "Parks & Rec" is stronger than ever. Granted, it would take a miracle for this show to beat "Modern Family," but it's good to see it on here. Now if they could just give the comedic genius Nic Offerman his nomination...

2. Louis C.K.

Those who have been following the comedy career of Louis C.K. know just how painfully hilarious he can be. Seriously, you can injure yourself laughing at this guy's stand-up, and he somehow manages to create a new hour of material every year. But last year he brought his funny to cable TV with the surreal but incredibly funny "Louie." C.K.'s honesty in talking about his life as a post-divorce single father (and about his kids, with whom he has a love-hate relationship) makes for a refreshingly funny--and at times dark and poignant--performance. Expect to see more out of this show in the future (possibly even a Best Comedy nom), and keep an eye out for more nominees from F/X, which has a very strong slate of comedies.

3. "Game of Thrones"

Since it's a fantasy show, "Game of Thrones" is a little bit inaccessible. I watched the entire first season and I'm still not clear on all of the characters' names. But the fact that the show can take an established, complicated, politically detailed world such as Westeros and make it this engaging is a testament to how good the creative team is for this show. Throw in some incredible performances and a few of the most shocking moments in recent memory, and you have a show that's well-deserving of an Emmy nomination. Would I have liked to see "The Walking Dead" in here? Sure. But "Game of Thrones" is a good consolation prize.

4. Peter Dinklage

Speaking of "Game of Thrones" and those excellent performances, it's good to see at least one of them nominated. While it's a shame that Sean Bean didn't make the list (those that watch the show know why), Peter Dinklage is equally deserving, if not more so. He has been able to blend comedy into an otherwise very serious show, while providing us with a character that has depth and some really great moments of honesty. And he's just so darned likable, isn't he?

5. Melissa McCarthy

I can't speak to the quality of "Mike & Molly" as my viewing of the show has been limited. But holy moley, was Melissa McCarthy funny in "Bridesmaids." Granted, her character on "Mike & Molly" is a very different one, but if she's half as good here as she was in Kristin Wiig's romp, then this nomination is well-deserved. McCarthy has had more buzz recently than just about any comedic feamle actress right now, so expect to see even more of her after this. Plus, she was standing right next to Joshua Jackson and doing her duty as a nominee announcer when he read her name. How great is that?

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