End of an Era: 'The Office' Will End After Season 9

End of an Era: 'The Office' Will End After Season 9 It was funny while it lasted. Now it looks as though NBC's biggest comedy, "The Office," will be making its final bow in the coming year.

THR is reporting that the mockumentary-style show will be ending after the upcoming season, which is the show's ninth. The show premiered back in 2005, having been adapted from the UK version (created by Ricky Gervais), and gained momentum since.

However, the show has hit some rough patches of late: ratings aren't quite what they used to be, especially after the departure of major player Steve Carell in 2011.

Greg Daniels, who was the showrunner for the first five seasons, will be taking over again for this final season, which bodes well for the show. Daniels noted that there are a number of things that he has been "wanting to do since season two," which certainly sparks some curiosity.

Daniels apparently has a big ending planned, which might also include the return of Michael Scott (Carell). We can only hope.

One has to wonder if this decision has anything to do with the fact that NBC just landed the new Michael J. Fox comedy, which will premiere in 2013. The network might be banking on that to be a hit and take over as the anchor for the Thursday night comedy lineup.

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