Entire 'Glee' Cast Confirmed for Season 4; Chord Overstreet a Series Regular Again?

Entire 'Glee' Cast Confirmed for Season 4; Chord Overstreet a Series Regular Again? It wasn't too long ago that Ryan Murphy cleared the air about the upcoming fourth season of "Glee," telling us that every cast member who wanted to come back had an open invitation to do so. This week, that invitation was confirmed and accepted by every series regular on the show... all 15 of them. In short, everyone is coming back.

The spotlight is now on the recurring cast members, i.e. the ones who aren't in every single episode. Will "The Glee Project" winners Damian McGinty and and Samuel Larsen return as Rory and Joe? How much will we see of characters like Burt or Sam? For that matter, how much will we see of former series regulars like Diana Agron (Quinn), Amber Riley (Mercedes) or Harry Shum (Mike)?

As of now, the only information we have is that Chord Overstreet, who plays Sam, is in negotiations to return to a series regular status. Overstreet was originally a series regular in season two, but was demoted to recurring at the start of season three. At the time, Overstreet passed on the opportunity and missed out on the first half of the third season, but returned about halfway through.

For now, we know that Lea Michele (Rachel), Cory Monteith (Finn) and Chris Colfer (Kurt) will definitely return as series regulars. The rest could come back as regulars or recurring, depending upon how negotiations and preliminary story breaking goes.

Which characters do you think should be on every episode in season 4? Which ones do you think should be downgraded or cut from the show?

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