'Entourage' Cast is On Board for Movie, Talks Final Season (VIDEO)

'Entourage' Cast is On Board for Movie, Talks Final Season (VIDEO) The cast of "Entourage," namely Adrian Grenier, Jerry Ferrara, Kevin Connolly, Kevin Dillon and Jeremy Piven, sat down with Matt Lauer on the "Today Show" to discuss the final season of "Entourage," and had a few interesting hints of what's to come.

First up, Piven dropped a hint about Ari's wife, and her mysterious name. You see, Perry Reeves (who plays the role) has gone through all seven seasons thus far without having a character name. Even in the credits, she's listed as "Mrs. Ari." But Piven revealed that within the first few episodes, her name will finally be revealed. Will it be something ridiculous? "There will be a payoff," Piven promises.

Adrian Grenier, who plays Vince, outlined a bit of what's going to serve as the main storyline this season: "Vince is back and he has to prove to everyone that he's not the drug addict that everyone thinks he is," said Grenier. We also see a clip from the upcoming season that shows Vince pitching a project that nobody else is excited about.

And finally, Lauer asked about an "Entourage" movie...will the show follow in the footsteps of "Sex and the City" and move from HBO to the big screen? "We're going to try really hard to make that happen," said Connolly, and the rest of the cast agrees. In fact, they didn't want to stop making the show in the first place.

So now, it's just up to producers and studios to decide if an "Entourage" movie sees the light of day. What you do you think, folks? Good idea, or just leave it be?

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