'Entourage' Final Season: Andrew Dice Clay In, Charlie Sheen Out

'Entourage' Final Season: Andrew Dice Clay In, Charlie Sheen Out A good celebrity cameo on "Entourage" can make all the difference. Remember back in the good ol' days, when Garey Busey would show up acting all crazy and eventually baptized Turtle with seawater? Good times.

"Entourage" creator Doug Ellin was hoping for some more star power for the eighth and final season. He wanted someone who could bring not only some Hollywood weight to the show, but could also potentially out-crazy Busey. He wanted Charlie Sheen.

Apparently Ellin got in contact with Charlie's people but "never heard back."

That's kind of surprising. What else is Charlie Sheen doing? He can't be assuming that this "comedy" tour is going to hold up much longer, can he? Does he think that the new "Major Leage" sequel is actually going to happen? Is he still holding out hope that "Two and a Half Men" will realize the error of their ways and hire him back?

Whatever the case may be, Charlie had better wake up and get back to them soon. I can think of few places on television where Charlie Sheen belongs more than he does on "Entourage."

In the meantime, Doug Ellin has officially landed Andrew Dice Clay for the final season. Yay?

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