Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Episode 9 Recap - The Kahn Game

Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Episode 9 Recap - The Kahn Game The episode opens with Aria and Spencer at the coffee shop. Spencer announces that she's not going to be solving mysteries anymore. Not only did she get a B on her homework, but she forgot to send in her early admissions application to her dream school, UPenn. Up walks Cece. As it turns out, not only did she attend UPenn, but she knows a guy named Steven in admissions who will be at a party tonight.

Later, Spencer and Aria get to the party and realize that it's being thrown by Noel Kahn's older brother Eric. They get a hand stamp identical to the one Emily remembers seeing.
Spencer and Aria play Truth or Dare with Noel and Jenna. First, Aria plays with Noel. She asks him about Ali's missing body, but he gets under her skin with questions about her relationship with Mr. Fitz and whether it was Aria who framed him for cheating. Time runs out.
Then, Spencer plays with Jenna. We find out Noel was with her when she picked up Emily that night. Not only that, but they picked her up from the diner - not wandering in the road, as Jenna had told them.
Aria leaves the party and calls Ezra. His brother Wes answers the phone and comes to get Aria because Ezra isn't home. During the ride, Wes reveals a secret about a woman named Maggie.
Aria confronts Ezra about Maggie and learns that she was his girlfriend in high school. He got her pregnant, but his mother paid her to go away and never talk to Ezra again. That led to Ezra changing his name and forgoing his inheritance. 
Elsewhere in Rosewood, Caleb finally talks to Hanna at school. He gives her the password to Maya's website to give to Spencer. As he walks away, she gets a text from "A" to meet or else something will happen to Caleb.
Emily runs into Hanna, and they talk about Maya's website. Hanna admits that they cracked the password, but she seemed so happy with Paige that they didn't want to ruin it. Emily says she appreciates that they were trying to protect her, but it isn't their call. Hanna gives her the password.
When Hanna goes to meet A, Caleb pulls up and says he's A. He figured out that there's a new A and sent her that fake text to confirm it. Now he wants to be with her and take on A together. Hanna resists, but Caleb kisses her passionately.
Emily watches the videos on Maya's website, where she is talking about her and how special she is. Emily is in tears when Paige walks in. Just when we expect Paige to get jealous of Maya's ghost, she gets in bed with Emily and comforts her.
At the end of the episode, Spencer gets an email from UPenn saying her application was received, confirming that Cece did give it to Steven - or so it appears. 
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