Episode 'How I Met Your Mother' Season 6, Episode 23 - 'Landmarks' Recap

Episode  'How I Met Your Mother' Season 6, Episode 23 - 'Landmarks' Recap The battle over the Arcadian is still going, with Barney on one side and Marshall on the other. So now, it all comes down to Ted...did his experience in the hotel with Zoey change his mind enough to go against GNB?

Barney assumes Ted's change of heart is because of Zoey's "magic lady bits," but Ted insists that he wants to keep the Arcadian's architect's work alive. Looks like NPH has been working on his evil laugh, by the way...I guess that gig as Dr. Horrible helped it along.

Anyway, the real conflict comes in when we discover that if Ted goes against the project, both he and Barney get fired. When Ted gets fired, Robin makes an Angry Bird analogy and presents an unlikely scenario with ninjas. It's determined that the resentment that comes out of the decision can only be bad for Ted's relationship. Plus, nobody wants to get a ninja dart in the neck.

Barney, dressed as the architect who designed the Arcadian, visits Ted in his sleep. He has lighting changes and everything. He even drops in a "this guy" joke. It turns out that it's all a dream, but the message is clear: the Arcadian has to go. A touching scene between him and Zoey isn't enough to change his mind, either.

So, when it comes time to answer the recurring question of the episode ("Should the Arcadian be a landmark?"), Ted's answer is "No." Zoey doesn't just break up with him on the spot...she clicks on a tape recording of Ted from a while back saying how the Arcadian should be saved, how the lion head is iconic, and how GNB is a bunch of gonads. He probably would have been better off with a ninja dart.

Lily comes up with a plan, so the gang runs to Arthur, who's having some serious issues. Lily's plan is to steal the lion's head so that the iconic part of the building is gone. I bet it was the ninjas that did it.

Turns out that Barney took the lion's head for his bedroom. I guess he finally got good with tools, eh?