Which Professional Athlete is Hooking Up With Eva Longoria?

Which Professional Athlete is Hooking Up With Eva Longoria? Mario Lopez recently called out “Desperate Housewife” star Eva Longoria on the rumors that she was dating Jets quarterback.

“You’re an a**hole,” was her response.

But don’t worry, Lopez and Longoria have been friends a long time, so the insult was more than likely meant in good humor. Probably.

But the “Extra” host was just voicing what many have been wondering after multiple pictures of the two together have cropped up.

“Mark and I are, you know, fine. We’re happy just dating,” continued the tiny lithe star as Lopez used a cover-gracing The Post photograph to back up his questioning.

Longoria must love those athletic men—she separated from husband and basketball star Tony Parker in 2010. Most recently she was also linked to Eduardo Cruz, the hot brother of actress Penelope Cruz and a Spanish singer in his own right.

Since going public about dating the 6 foot 2 star, Longoria has now been seen openly holding Sanchez’ hand. Gasp!

Why was this supposed to be a secret? Am I missing something? Does Sanchez have a wife in the attic everyone else knows about but me?

Apparently she went out with Sanchez just a few weeks after splitting with Cruz (who she dated for a year), but meh. I can’t take issue with that.

Other than the fact that, again, Longoria is dating a man well her junior (25 to her 37--slow clap for you, ma’am!), I see no problems here, or reason to wear a blonde wig, as she reportedly donned for her mysterious rendezvous with the quarterback.

Eva Longoria as a blonde? I take more issue with that statement.

Keep on keepin’, Cougar Lady.

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