Fall 2011 TV Network Previews: New Shows, Returning Shows, Trailers and More

Fall 2011 TV Network Previews: New Shows, Returning Shows, Trailers and More Tonight kicks off a cavalcade of new fall premieres (including "Ringer,""90210" and "Parenthood") and a return to a full new slate of quality programming.

Over the last few weeks, the TV-loving team of writers at Yidio have been busy putting together network-by-network previews of the season’s biggest new shows, returning shows, previews and trailers.

From the return of “The Walking Dead,” "Boardwalk Empire,"“It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia” and “The Vampire Diaries” to promising new shows like “The Playboy Club” "Ringer" and “New Girl,” there’s plenty of quality on the very near horizon.

And if there's not, we've always got "Dexter" to help make things right again.

Click through on each network to check out what’s new, what’s on the way back, and watch trailers from your favorite network at the links below.

2011 Fall TV Network Previews:

ABC- "Once Upon a Time," "Desperate Housewives" sought "Revenge."

A&E - It's time to pay a visit to "Gene Simmons Family Jewels," and we're not talking about his Schweddy Balls, either.

AMC - "The Walking Dead" return, and it's time for "Hell on Wheels."

Bravo- "Real Housewives" drama meets "Mad Fashion."

CBS -  "2 Broke Girls" meet "Two and a Half Men," and none of them are Charlie Sheen.

Comedy Central - "South Park," "Workaholics" and a dude who calls himself Fluffy - it's a laugh riot over at Comedy Central this fall.

The CW - "The Vampire Diaries" have a witchy lil' sister show "The Secret Circle", and "Ringer" Sarah Michelle Gellar is seeing double.

Discovery - "Gunsmoke," "Swamp Loggers" and "Weed Wars," man...

Fox -   The "New Girl" has "The X Factor" and Spielberg's "Terra Nova" could bring audiences "Glee."

F/X - It's no "American Horror Story." In fact "It's Aways Sunny in Philadelphia" for the "Sons of Anarchy"

HBO - Nookie's back at this "Boardwalk Empire," and he's a bit more "Enlightened" these days.

MTV - "Beavis and Butt-Head" and more "Ridiculousness" join the "Jersey Shore" shenanigans.

NBC - "Free Agents" are "Up All Night" and "Chuck" is not "The Biggest Loser."

Showtime - "Dexter" is back in his "Homeland" of Miami, and the artist formerly known as Mos Def is along for the ride.

TNT - "The Closer" exercises "Leverage" on "Rizzoli & Isles."

USA -  "Psych"! There's one brand new show and a ton of "NCIS" on USA.

Click here for a complete list of all the shows from all the networks. 

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