Fall 2011 TV Preview: Showtime Premiere Schedule and Trailers

Fall 2011 TV Preview: Showtime Premiere Schedule and Trailers While the big networks like Fox and NBC have tons of new and returning shows lined up to premiere in the fall, Showtime is taking a different approach: go light, but go big. Though there are only two shows in Showtime's Fall 2011 lineup, they're two shows that are sure to pack a punch.

Read on for a preview of those two shows, and a quick look at what to expect from Showtime in January.

New Shows:

"Homeland" - Sunday, October 2nd at 10pm ET/PT

Claire Danes returns to TV with her starring role in this brand-new thriller for Showtime. "Homeland" follows Danes' CIA agent as she investigates a possible threat to national security linked to the return of an American POW from Iraq. The political thriller is sure to have lots of layers of mystery to it as the plot unfolds...think of it like a mix between "Fringe" and "24."

The similarities to "24" are no accident: "Homeland" comes from the same executive producers. For "24" fans who have been looking for something to fill the void, "Homeland" is for you. And considering the show is set to premiere just one month after the 10th anniversary of 9/11, the themes of national security are timely.

Returning Shows:

"Dexter" - Sunday, October 2nd at 9pm ET/PT

He's back! Everyone's favorite serial killer is claiming in the promos for season 6 that he's "feeling like his old self again," after a pretty tumultuous couple of years dealing with Trinity and the fallout thereafter.

This season will take on religion and cults as a theme, specifically how faith can be used to control people. Edward James Olmos, Mos Def, Colin Hanks and others will guest star in long arcs on this season, putting into question exactly who Dexter's "big bad" will be, and how many people he's going to have to kill.

Buckle up, "Dexter" fans. This should be a good one.

January Preview:

True, two shows aren't a lot to go on for a whole season. But it's fall, and there will be plenty of programming elsewhere to keep you busy. Hang tight for January, though, which will see the return of two favorites and the premiere of a promising new comedy.

"Shameless" and "Californication" will both return on January 8th on Showtime. While "Californication" might be getting on in years a bit and losing its bite, "Shameless" is just getting started as it enters its second season. For some good laughs and mesmerizing acting, be sure to tune in to "Shameless."

Premiering right in between those two will be "House of Lies," which sports an excellent cast including Don Cheadle and Kristen Bell. The show promises to be an R-rated workplace comedy that tears into corporate America and has plenty of raunch to go around...sounds like it'll fit in with "Californication" and "Shameless" quite nicely, doesn't it?

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