Fall 2012 TV Preview: FX Premiere Schedule & Trailers for 'Sons of Anarchy' & More!

Fall 2012 TV Preview: FX Premiere Schedule & Trailers for 'Sons of Anarchy' & More! Just a few years ago, you never would have expected that FX would be what it is now: a source of some of the best shows on television. Sadly, we've seen some great dramas come and go (rest in peace, "Terriers" and "Lights Out"), which may have made FX a bit gunshy: there aren't any new shows on the cable network this fall. You might also blame the expensive "Anger Management" for that.

But the returning shows are terrific and it looks like the newer FX dramas are here to stay, so that's enough to make up for any lack of new programming.

One more note: it looks like FX will not be doing a short run of "Archer" episodes like it did last fall, so we will have to wait until January for that particular gem to return.

Returning Shows:

"Sons of Anarchy" - Tuesday, Sept. 11 at 10PM

This increasingly thrilling biker drama/Shakespeare adaptation returns for its fifth season about a week from now, and it has a little present for patient fans: the premiere episode will be 90 minutes long, providing a little extra kick for the series' return. This season sees Jax at the head of SAMCRO, with a possible threat from new cast member Jimmy Smits.

"The Ultimate Fighter" - Friday, Sept. 14 at 9PM

FX's Ultimate Fighting reality series returns for another season in mid-September. The show will premiere with a two-hour episode at 9PM on the 14th, but will go back to its usual 10PM time slot the following week.

"It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" - Thursday, Oct. 11 at 10PM

The only show on TV that can contend in irreverence with "South Park," this comedy is one of FX's longest-running current shows, and for good reason: it's downright hilarious. Presumably Fat Mac is no longer fat this season, so we'll have to see what other crazy ideas these guys have come up with.

"The League" - Thursday, Oct. 11 at 10:30PM

Don't let the fact that "The League" is about fantasy football scare any of you non-football fans away: the show spends plenty of time away from football, and is really just a comedy about couples, friends and dysfunction. And it's a pretty damn good comedy, too.

"Brand X with Russell Brand" - Thursday, Oct. 11 at 11PM

After a fairly successful summer run, "Brand X" has been picked up for another small handful of episodes. Expect some format changes as the show enters the fall season and caps off FX's comedy night.

"American Horror Story" - Wednesday, Oct. 17 at 10PM 

Just in time for Halloween, FX's big horror anthology returns for a second season. As it turns out, each new season of this show will take on a new location and new characters, but you can expect to see some familiar faces as some of last season's actors return. Be sure to check out the awesomely creepy promos that the show has been releasing.

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