'Family Guy' Season 10, Episode 18 Recap - 'You Can't Do That On Television, Peter'

'Family Guy' Season 10, Episode 18 - 'You Can't Do That On Television, Peter' A quick recap of last night's "Family Guy": Peter starts some crazy scheme despite Lois' protests, and ends up learning his lesson by the end.

Sound familiar?

The last episode, "Forget-Me-Not," was admittedly pretty creative, despite the whole "it was all a dream" thing. But this week's episode, "You Can't Do That On Television, Peter," was like canned "Family Guy"... it's still the real thing, just not quite as fresh.

It starts with Peter ignoring Lois' requests to do more around the house (yawn), which leads to Peter watching Jolly Farm Revue with Stewie. Since the show is right at Peter's intellectual level, he falls in love with it. So naturally, when it gets cancelled, he starts his own public access kids show.

As you can imagine, a kids show with Peter as host isn't the best thing. He encourages bullying, sings about how not everyone is special, and mocks Lois with a puppet named Saggy Naggy. That prompts Lois to give up on nagging him, but unfortunately that vow comes right before Peter decides to bring a live puma onto the set.

Meanwhile, Meg is off at the hospital shadowing Dr. Hartman, at the recommendation of her biology teacher (who also plays along with the "Meg sucks" game, though to a lesser degree than most others). Hartman's character is revealed to be even less competent than we've seen in the past, and he even goes so far as to leave Meg alone to take care of patients, which of course she does better than Dr. Hartman by default.

Her minor training comes in handy, though, when Peter is brutally mauled by the puma. Of course no one thanks her.

Ultimately, there wasn't much to latch onto in this episode. Yes, it was a full new episode of "Family Guy," but it just felt like "Family Guy" lite, lacking in bite and leaving you unfulfilled.

Cut-Aways of the Week:

- Watching paint dry: C-, har har har.

- Twins separated at birth: B, pretty good punchline

- Italian mom without bad kids: C-, you guys used a stereotype that wasn't Jewish! Congrats!

- Bad audio basement show: B+, nailed it

- Evite, tell a friend and then kill yourself: B-, a little cheap but it had some truth to it

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