'Family Guy' Season 10, Episode 19 Recap - 'Mr. and Mrs. Stewie'

'Family Guy' Season 10, Episode 19 Recap - 'Mr. and Mrs. Stewie' Stewie episodes are still the most fun, especially when they don't involve too much Brian. It seems, after 10 seasons of "Family Guy," that the only character who still has the ability to surprise us is the one who started out the most cartoonish.

This episode sees Stewie meeting Penelope, a charming young girl who murders a kid who pushed Stewie in the sandbox. Yep, she straight up killed a kid with a piece of candy. As it turns out, she and Stewie have a lot in common: they both like to play house and act out disturbing arguments, they both enjoy killing annoying people, and they both have complete weapons rooms. In fact, Penelope even succeeded in murdering her own mother.

Their friendship grows as they go on a destruction spree across the globe, sending Roaring 20's tidal waves to Copenhagen, blowing up the Eiffel Tower, and prompting India and Pakistan into a nuclear war (it didn't take much). But Brian disapproves of their friendship, reminding Stewie that his schemes were always part of his goal of world domination, while Penelope just seems to want to watch the world burn.

When Penelope finds out that Brian thinks she's a bad influence, she's miffed to say the least, and orders Stewie to kill him. Determined to keep his soulmate, Stewie attempts to murder Brian, but can't bring himself to do it... so Penelope shows up to finish the job. Cue the long, elaborate fight scene, which ends with Stewie winning and telling her to leave Brian alone, along with what I think might be Stewie's first kiss (with a girl/human, anyway).

Meanwhile, Lois decides to go with "Lucy and Ricky beds" (two twin beds, next to each other) after Peter crushes her and breaks a few of her ribs during his sleep, apparently for the seventh time this month. The problem is, as Peter puts it, that men have a basic need to cuddle, and he can't sleep without it.

So Peter does what anyone would do: he goes to Quagmire and asks if he wants to cuddle with him. This eventually leads to the two of them spending every night in Quagmire's house, after which Lois agrees to push the beds together and cuddle with Peter again. Problem solved, I guess. Whatever, this was a pretty clear "B" story.

The out to the episode was pretty good, with Meg's cutoff. Nicely done.

Cut-Aways of the Week:

- Dr. Seuss' new stuff: B, negative points for dishonoring Dr. Seuss, but a pretty good joke

- Peter's late-night quill writing: C+, not much there but saved by the dipdipdipdipdip

- Charles Bronson cuddling: D, let's say you're in this show's younger target demographic and you've never seen a Charles Bronson movie. Then there is no joke.

- Roarin' Twenten Tidalwaven! - C+, pretty decent sight gag

- Annoying Joan of Arc - B+, yeah... we all know that girl.

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