Family Guy: Season 11, Episode 23: 'No Country Club for Old Men' Recap

Family Guy: Season 11, Episode 23: 'No Country Club for Old Men' RecapFamily Guy”, season 11, episode 23, “No Country Club for Old Men

Stewie manages to find his old harmonica when he goes looking for the remote. Happy to find it once again, he takes it into the bathtub with him, and plays with it. When he gets out of the tub, he leaves it behind accidentally. When he remembers where he left it, he finds that Peter is in the tub, and the harmonica has managed to get lodged in his rectum.

At the hospital, Dr. Hartman shows the x-rays and says it is lodged pretty far up, but there is an expensive operation that can remove it. Peter manages to fart a wonderful tune, and refuses to have it removed, vowing to make the most of his harmonica farts.

With enough practice, Peter is soon invited to audition for ‘America’s Got Talent’. He chooses to perform the theme from ‘Sanford and Sons’, and farts out a bluesy solo. However, he’s too good and manages to dislodge the harmonica, effectively ending his fart-harmonica music career.

On the flight home, Chris sits next to a girl who seems to enjoy his company. When they land at the airport, she introduces herself as Amanda, and invites Chris and his family to her grandparent’s country club for brunch. He accepts. As she walks out, Brian realizes that she is Amanda Barrington, member of one of the wealthiest families around.

When they arrive at the club the next day, they are met by Carter Pewterschmidt, who is annoyed to find Peter there. Lois explains to her dad that they were invited to brunch with the Barringtons. He is jealous, as he’s never been able to get close to them.

The Griffins sit down with the Barringtons, and Peter seems to impress Reginald Barrington until Carter shows up, eager to make an impression. He ends up annoying Reginald and gets himself kicked out of the club and stripped of his membership. Reginald then gives Peter Carter’s membership.

The next day, Peter returns to the club and brings Carter as his guest, but mainly so he can make fun of him with the other members. He invites Carter to play polo with him, but, as a guest, Carter is stuck riding Topsy the Roid-Raged Horse, and gets himself brutally injured by the horse.

The next day, Carter shows up at the Griffin residence in tears. He says he can’t live without the club, and he blames Peter for getting him kicked out. Lois tells him he needs to apologize, and he does. He asks Peter if there’s anything he can do to get him back, and Peter agrees to talk to Reginald Barrington.

Peter brings Carter to talk to Reginald, but he won’t allow Carter back. Peter says that if he won’t let Carter rejoin, then he’ll quit as well. Reginald doesn’t care and kicks them both out.

At home, Peter, Carter, and Chris lament the loss of the club and Amanda. Brian helps them realize that they need to pretend to be better and more important than the Barringtons. Dressed up in ridiculous costumes, Peter and Carter go back to the club via helicopter, introducing themselves as Viscount James Earl Tennisracquet and Duke of LaCrosseteam, European royalty. Reginald Barrington eagerly invites them into his private room.

Reginald asks what brings them to the club, and they say they were just meeting with Carter Pewterschmidt, and they begin to discuss his merits. Reginald says that he used to be a member, but if they think he is worth it, then he would consider giving Carter his membership back. Peter breaks his cover to congratulate Carter, causing Carter to lash out at him. Reginald appreciates how Carter treated Peter and invites him back into the club. Peter is thrown out.