'Fear Factor' Donkey Semen Stunt Gets Network Nix

Fear Factor Donkey Semen Sorry, "Fear Factor" fans. The donkey show's over before it began. There's nothing to see here. Move along.

Look, it's not like if E.T. brought the extended family back for a visit, we'd all be showing them "Fear Factor" as proof of dignity's thriving presence among our genetic wading pool. If we did, they'd either go all maternal by outfitting us with helmets and pinning mittens to our coats, or decide at the next Galactic Planning & Zoning Committee meeting that a sub-space highway's construction absolutely takes precedence over preserving some planet where poo-flinging primates live in fear of the ones who grew opposable thumbs but started eating what lesser beasts excreted.

That being said, producers somehow found a stunt that made NBC executives admit "Even for 'Fear Factor,' this is wrong." The network has yanked tonight's episode featuring a donkey semen-ingesting stunt after the segment's details leaked last week, according to Entertainment Weekly. Teams of twin siblings took on three stunts, each hoping they would be taking home $50,000. Another stunt including enduring direct contact with an electric fence.

People chugging donkey baby-batter apparently wasn't a topic NBC brass wanted broached right now - after all, it's a little debatable where this ranks on the Puzzling And/Or Shocking Scale alongside the fact "Whitney" still lives - so no one has released any official statement. A "Fear Factor" repeat will air tonight in the nixed episode's place. NBC entertainment executive Robert Greenblatt only said "I reviewed the episode late last week and decided it wasn't a segment we should air."

Curiously, this isn't even the first time a stunt like this has been performed. When an episode includes ingesting a vile animal product, producers trying making a case with censors that some things that Americans consider disgusting enjoy delicacy status elsewhere. According to Entertainment Weekly's report, Australia and New Zealand rank among the countries that sometimes consume horse semen. The network's originally released episode description didn't even include the chug-a-lug bit. It just described two others stunts and then added "the teams also put themselves to the test eating the unimaginable."

OK, so there's no way that even if we had the clip of Hell's Happy Hour to show you that we'd actually do it. However, check out what could have been had this low-bid war for dignity actually aired. It's the electric-fence segment, but notice how host Joe Rogan tells two contestants "Tomorrow's gonna suck. You might want to go ahead and get beat today."

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